Theme: Moving to the Next Normal : Sustainability, Innovation and Human Connection

For retail and retail real estate industry, 2021 was a very challenging time. The postepidemic stage will see the emergence of a new human being, whose daily behaviour and thinking will differ from what it was before the Covid-19 outbreak. The new consumer behaviours span all areas of life, from how we work to how we shop to how we entertain ourselves. These rapid shifts have important implications for retailers and 'Developers. Many of the longer-term changes in consumer behaviour are still being formed, giving Retailers and developers an opportunity to help shape the Next Normal where the boundaries between digital interactions and physical experiences are blurring and where sustainability and responsible consumption are no longer optional. Also, Retailers need to think about their role in their customers' lives, and change how they interact and connect with them. Retailers have got to recognise that they are not running stores anymore. They are running customers over a lifetime. The future of retail will be powered by technology and innovation, but more importantly, the technology must be driven by the power of people and human connection.


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