Mapic India Conference Theme Unveiled

Decoding the NEW Retail CODE: Thriving in a Fast-Changing World

In the dynamic landscape of India's retail and real estate sectors, thriving in a fast-changing world requires a deep understanding of the "New Retail Code."  MAPIC India 2024 will delve into critical topics, offering insights and strategies to help industry stakeholders navigate and succeed in the fast-changing world of retail and real estate in India.

Discover the key pillars!

Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Focus on creating destinations that blend shopping, leisure, and hospitality.

Mixed-Use Developments

Integrate retail with residential, office, and recreational spaces for vibrant communities.

Experiential Retail

Transform traditional shopping into immersive, interactive experiences to build brand loyalty.

Community Building

Evolve retail spaces into social hubs for gathering, interaction and connection for Community building



Adopt environmentally responsible practices, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly materials.


Stay agile and adapt to market trends with innovative products, store layouts, and customer service strategies.