MAPIC India presents MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards. Experience unparalleled thought leadership programmes, panel sessions covering key issues concerning the retail and retail real estate industry now,  fireside chats with top industry experts and more. The highlight of MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards is honouring brands and leaders with the most prestigious MAPIC India Awards for Shopping Centre .





MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards brings in the best of industry experts, thought leaders, from across the industry in thought leadership sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats & more. 


Agenda -MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards: September 2021

Our Speakers

MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards Session

Session 1 | MAPIC India Thought Leadership & awards

Inaugural Leadership Power Panel: What’s Next in Retail: How retailers and developers can stay ahead of an evolving industry

Session 3 | MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards

Retailers Talk: The changing shape of retail space from retail properties to mixed-use property projects

MAPIC India Awards for Shopping Centre | MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards

Session 2 | MAPIC India Thought leadership & Awards.

Retail Reboot : The New Era For Customer Experience - Embracing The Innovation To survive and thrive

Session 4 | National Retailers Meet

National Retailers Meet -Keynote industry Address: One to one conversation with Industry Visionary hosted by Anuj Puri, Anarock Retail

“Very well organized and a good show. We cannot wait for the Mapic event in December now.”

Gulshan Group
Sesson Partner

“We did not expect so many malls to visit this small event. We are absolutely delighted and we look forward to upcoming events organized by the Mapic team.”

Pure Play

“Top retailers attended the event. Mapic’s magic works in the industry.”

K World
Presented by

“It was our very first time at Mapic event and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We connected with so many people in the industry.”

Le Marche

“I am very happy and look forward to Mapic India in December.”


“I thought I will make a move after my session and the first round of awards but I ended up staying right till the end of the event. Well organised event and engaging.”

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Awards 2022

MAPIC India Awards For Shopping Centre

MAPIC INDIA presents India's only dedicated awards programme for retail real estate, shopping centre industry. Highlight your brand to the entire retail real estate & retail community. Give your brand the recognition it deserves.

Partners 2021

Participants 2021

MAPIC India Thought Leadership & Awards: 2nd Edition , presentation by Accenture.



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